Hi friends. My name is Hannah. I am a education student at the University of Kansas. I am a Chi Omega and I am eating up college life. I have a passion for music and love college basketball more than I should. But man, none of this compares to my awestruck love of Jesus Christ. He has captured my heart and I yearn to be filled with His peace and joy. I named this blog home bound because this earth is not our home. Once we accept Jesus to be the savior of our lives we get to be on a journey towards heaven. We are home bound to live in eternity with the Lord! That makes me excited. Thank you for joining me at this place as part of your journey. Where ever you are in your walk with Jesus and life, I pray that this blog can be a place that we can meet about deep feelings and the awesomeness of peanut butter cup ice cream. I pray for relatability, and peace and community here. That being said, grab some coffee and read on!