Day 6

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach and it will be given to him.” James 1:5

Have you ever felt really dumb? Like maybe you were in a conversation and you had no clue what the other person was talking about? Or maybe you put money in the wrong parking meter and you come out of the restaurant with not one, but two parking tickets? OR when you study for hours and hours before an exam and then you get to the test and your brain goes completely blank? If you haven’t felt like this before, then you should pat yourself on the back because you must be a genius. I have definitely had my fair share of dumb, silly moments, but today I want to talk about the opposite of stupidity. Let’s talk about wisdom.

Wisdom is defined as “the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement,” (Google Dictionary).

This is something I want, badly. I want to be wise in my knowledge of Jesus Christ. I want to have fantastic answers for my friends when they seek advice. I want to constantly be thinking about scripture and I want to know how to guard my heart in this tempting world. I don’t know if you are in the same boat, but if you are you can maybe relate in my frustration sometimes when wisdom doesn’t magically come into our brains. I love this verse at the beginning of James because I feel that it really simplifies God’s grace to us in a way that we can understand it. It’s funny that it says if “any” of you lacks wisdom because we ALL lack wisdom in comparison to God. We are foolish and broken and honestly kinda dumb (no offense!). But this is an invitation to seek God’s wisdom, not a command, which is very cool. Similar to salvation, the Bible never says that you must ask Christ into your heart but it invites you to do that many times!

After James invites us to ask God for wisdom, (only if we need it of course) he explains that God will give it generously to us free of charge! So easy right?? Yes and no. God never lies, and his truth, his word is ALWAYS true no matter what. However, I think that we sometimes make it hard on ourselves to be open to accepting the wisdom that we ask for.

God has given us all of the wisdom that we need to get through this life on earth. He gave this to us in the form of a book, the Bible! His wisdom is freely given to us there, when we ask for guidance, he can guide us in his word. Now I know what you are thinking, Back then, they didn’t have corporate jobs or iphones, how will the Bible tell me whether or not to take that promotion or marry that man or woman or pick which college to go to?

It won’t. Not in word for word instructions. But I know for a fact that the God of all creation hears your voice when you pray about these things, about all things. He will guide you to the words that you need to read in scripture to get through whatever you are going through. And when you invite Jesus into your heart the Holy Spirit lives in you and will help you make decisions. It won’t be a sign in the middle of the road that says “you need to attend _________ university.” But it will be a feeling in your heart that only God could guide you to that feeling. Those of you who don’t know Jesus well, that’s ok! But you might have a hard time believing that He can truly tell you where you should move to. But he can trust me he can. All we need to do is ask for his wisdom and he will give it to us.



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